Club's Purpose & Goals

The Tennessee Valley Falcons Chapter of the Falcon Club of America is dedicated to the preservation of the Ford Falcon automobile. The club serves as a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and parts for Falcon maintenance and restoration. The chapter also provides an opportunity for club members and their families to meet and participate in related social activities.

The chapter puts out a monthly newsletter E-mailed to each member.  It includes club news, future events, ads, and other information.



Club members often enjoy participating in  cruises and shows throughout the area. When these events are  scheduled, members are notified in the newsletter or E-mail.   Past participation has included the monthly cruise in Cleveland and Athens, TN; car shows in Sweetwater & Maryville, and Clinton, TN; and caravans to the National Convention in Steamboat Springs, CO, Dearborn, Indy, and Minnesota.


TVFC Officers:

President:  Wayne Rollins

Vice President:  Joyce Hodge

Secretary/Treasurer:  Mary Wagner

Newsletter Editor: Mary Wagner 

Web-site: Dave Wagner


National Officers in the TVFC:

FCA Vice-President:  Mary Wagner

Southeast Regional Director: Dave Wagner

To Join us!

Anyone interested in the Falcon automobile can join the chapter and join in the fun!  Chapter members must be members of the National Falcon Club of America. National dues are $30.00 per year.

The Falcon Club of America has over 2600 members. Membership will include receiving the award winning national magazine, The National Falcon News, which contains color photos, tech tips, featured articles, ads for Falcon parts, Falcons for sale, calendar events, and news of FCA chapters across the U.S.

Chapter dues are $20, $15 if another chapter is your home chapter. If you are a current FCA member please enter your FCA number. If you do not have a FCA number, add $30 more for your 1st year National membership. The FCA National Club will bill you for renewal. The Tennessee Valley Falcons Chapter membership will come due in May.

To join our chapter, please print out and complete the application below, make your check or money order payable to:   TVFC,  FCA               

Send with your payment to:

Mary Wagner

7111 Wolftever Landing Drive

Harrison, TN 37341

or email: Wayne Rollins  for more information.

Membership Application

             National number (if member) ________________

Name _______________________________________________________________

Partner's Name ________________________________________________________

Birthday (month &day only) ___________________Partner _____________________

Anniversary (month & day) ________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

City ______________________________ State ______ Zip _____________________

Phone _(_____)_______-________________     email__________________________

Falcon(s) presently owned________________________________________________


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